Main Course

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Homestyle Beef Stew over Vegetables

Most people consider stews a hearty comfort meal that is usually the star of the show during cold weather. It is a combination of various ingredients consisting of meat or …

Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs

Salmon with blue cheese sauce

Breakfast. Omelette with radish, red onion and fresh salad on bl

Frittata with cheese and tomatoes

Seafood pasta

Seafood pasta

Seafood vegetable paella

Seafood vegetable paella


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Hearty Lentil Soup

We may take the humble lentils for granted, but in fact, these legumes go way back in time. Its origins are from the middle east and are believed to be …

Spinach cream soup

Broccoli and cauliflower soup

Tomato cream soup


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Salade Niçoise

Niçoise means “in the style of Nice,” so if you find any dish described in this term, you would know that it follows the style it is cooked in Nice, …

Greek salad


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Spinach Pâté Starter

Orange and Tomato Salsa

Orange and Tomato Salsa

Zucchini and Avocado Carpaccio.

Zucchini and Avocado Carpaccio

Hummus dip.

Hummus dip

Avocado egg dip.

Avocado egg dip